Small Business Web Site Promotion
(Keyword Placement, Search Engine and Directory Listings, and Linking Strategies)


Were focused on the basics of designing, developing and promoting web sites for small businesses, with emphasis on simple, effective and affordable web page design, development and promotion.   We specialize in first-time web pages for sole proprietorships and other small businesses, as well as larger web sites for companies with more extensive needs.  Initial consultations are free of charge.  

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Small Business Web Site Promotion Overview

Some of the most critical steps in promoting your web site are actually accomplished before the web site is ever published to the Internet.  "Search engine optimization" is part of the promotional aspect that has its roots in the design and development process.  By designing the web pages correctly, those pages are optimized for search engine friendliness, enabling and encouraging search engines to rank the site favorably.  Promoting your web site starts with the steps of designing and developing the web site, and goes on to encompass search engine and directory listings, as well as linking strategies.  If appropriate steps are not taken to promote your web site, the site will attract very few visitors.  There is no more validity to the statement "If you build it, they will come."  However, it's a pretty safe bet to say: "If you build itand promote it correctlythey will come."

Keyword Placement - Strategic placement and repetition of important keywords and keyword phrases during the design and development process optimize the web site for search engines and make the web site "search engine friendly."  That is, the search engine process of "indexing" your web site is facilitated by having the right words in all the right places.  If done correctly, this keyword placement generally results in higher rankings for the site when it is periodically indexed by various search engines.  Keywords must be strategically located in the body of your web site (the visible portion that your web visitors will see), and they must also be strategically placed within the site title and meta tags that are part of the hypertext markup language (HTML) behind the scenes.  The behind-the-scenes meta data is a key area of site development that is often done incorrectly or omitted entirely.  A good analogy would be to compare the web site to a beautiful car with a blown engine.  It may look great on the outside, but it won't perform when you try to drive it.  A web site without good meta data and keyword placement behind the scenes is just about the same as a car with a blown engine.  It's  not going to go anywhere very fast on the Internet. 

Hint:  Search engines love to see text.  Text helps them index your site, and the more text there is, the more keywords can be legitimately repeated, most often resulting in a higher indexing ranking for the site.  AJR Web Site Services will help you analyze the keywords and phrases that are most likely to be of value to your site, and will build those keywords and phrases into the site in such a way to give you a web site "findability" edge amongst the web sites of your business competitors. 

Search Engine and Directory Listings - After your web site has been designed, developed, and actually published (posted or uploaded) to the Internet, other steps must be taken to actively promote the site.  This phase of web site promotion involves listing the site with various search engines and directories.  Some of these listings are free and some must be paid for.  Many people balk at the paid search engine/paid directory concept;  however, those "for pay" listings that we recommend are among the most effective on the Internet for attracting visitors looking for specific products or services (e.g., your product or service).  It's important to remember that search engine listings do not take instant effect in regard to visitors to your web site.  It takes timesometimes as quickly as a couple of days, sometimes couple of weeks, or even a month or morebefore the submittal to any give search engine or directory allows your site to actually be found via that search engines and directory.  All search engines and directories are different in regard to time that it takes for any given listing that is submitted to them to be findable on the Internet. 

Hint:  Search engines and directories often feed one another information, thus each listing that your web site has among the major search engines/directories often results in "hits" on other search engines/directories because one fed the information on your site to another. 

Linking Strategies - One of the most effective strategies for web site promotion is to develop a linking strategy.  "Reciprocal linking" is one of the ways that a linking strategy can be approached.  It's usually approached something like this:  "I will provide a link to your site from my site, if you'll do the same for me."  Using this strategy, your site trades reciprocal links with other sites that contain common subject matter.  It's not to say that trading reciprocal links with with a direct competitor is the way to go (although there are times when even that can be beneficial).  Rather, the secret lies in finding sites that your customers might visit and tapping into those sites by trading reciprocal links.  For instance, if you are a woodworker and wish to trade links with the local woodworker's guild in your area, you are trading links with a site that is likely to have a lot of visitors that your own site might not get on its own.  If they are courteous enough to place a link to your site on their site, you could potentially benefit from any given visitor to their site who might see the link to your site there.  Not all linking strategies involve trading reciprocal links.  Many web sites will place a link to your web site on theirs with no obligation on your part to do the same. 

Hint:  Many search engines love it when a site has a lot of other sites that link back to it.  It gives the site that's being ranked (your site) a certain validity in the "eyes" of the search engine.  A linking strategy should be at least a small part (if not a large part) of any web site promotional approach. 

Performing research and making web site submittals to search engines and directories, and doing research and groundwork for trading links can be very time consuming and often difficult exercises.  And these elements make up only a part of what must go into a good web site promotion strategy.  These are things that AJR Web Site Services can assist with, if desired, as part of our services to you. 

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Developing a small business Internet web site can be an affordable and cost-effective solution to keep up with business competitors (or indeed, to leap ahead of them), adding unlimited visibility for you, your products, and your services.  A web site provides a way for you to make your products and services visible to prospective customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are depending (and spending) too much on hardcopy advertising using tools such as yellow pages and directory ads, mail-outs, fliers or other attention-grabbers, a small business web site may be the answer for youthe answer to more effectively use a portion of your advertising budget.  At AJR Web Site Services, we don't do high-end, complex, expensive web page development.  Instead, we focus on the basics of effective web page design and development, domain name registration, hosting, publishing, promotion, and maintenancejust the things that a small business needs to get the right start on the Internet.  We can take your business through the entire process, doing as little or as much as you need us to do.  Almost anyone can publish a web site to the Internet, but it takes special effort to publish a site that is "findable" by the major search engines and to obtain listings in the major Internet directories When your site attracts those major search engines and gets listed in the major directories, it also attracts the visitors who use those search engines and directories.  By designing web pages that are "search engine friendly," we make it easy for your site to attract the major search engines, which, in turn, attracts the visitorsvisitors who are looking for your products and services.  Our web sites are designed with emphasis on  these concepts.  We incorporate the right design elements into the web pages, then use effective methods to promote the web site.  Our web services also include writing and editing of text, photography services for illustrative visuals, and placement of existing graphics, company logos, or other promotional information within the site material.  Whether you have only a rough idea of what you want, or if you've got a clear concept about the web site you'd like developed, we can help in the web page design and development processdoing as little or as much as you need us to do.  If you need help with an existing small business web site, or if you've got a site that's just not working for you, we can provide consultation services for site improvement.  Services include editing and rewriting of existing text for clearer and more concise presentation and communications, as well as evaluation and recommendations for correct and effective meta data presentation (effective use of hidden titles, descriptions, and keywords) to enhance search engine and directory promotions.  Our physical operations are based with accessibility to the Houston, Galveston, and Clear Lake, Texas, areasbut we can work with businesses in virtually any area of Texas, the United States, and beyond. 

We have the ability to work with small businesses in any part of Texas or the United States, but for work with our local customers, regional areas of service include (but are not limited to):  Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Chambers County, Fort Bend County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, Waller County.  A partial listing of cities includes:  Aldine, Alief, Alvin, Angleton, Arcola, Atascocita, Bacliff, Barker, Barrett, The Bay Area, Bayou Vista, Baytown, Beaumont, Bellaire, Port Arthur, Port Bolivar, Champions, Channelview, Clear Lake City, Clear Lake Shores, Cloverleaf, Conroe, Crosby, Crystal Beach, Cypress, Deer Park, Dickinson, El Lago, Ellington Field, Friendswood, Kingwood, Galena Park, Galveston, Gilchrist, Hedwig Village, The Heights, High Island, Highlands, Hitchcock, Hockley, Houston, Huffman, Hufsmith, Humble, Hunters Creek Village, Jacinto City, Jamaica Beach, Jersey Village, Katy, Kemah, Kingwood, Klein, La Marque, La Porte, Lake Houston, Lake Jackson, League City, Manvel, Missouri City, NASA JSC area, Nassau Bay, Needville, North Houston, Park Row, Pasadena, Pearland, Prairie View, Red Bluff, Rice University, Richmond, Rosenberg, San Leon, San Jacinto, Santa Fe, Seabrook, Sealy, South Houston, South Shore Harbour, Southside Place, Spring, Spring Valley, Stafford, Stuebner, Sugar Land, Sylvan Beach, Taylor Lake Village, Texas City, Tiki Island, Tomball, Webster, West University Place, The Woodlands 

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