Small Business Web Site Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Were focused on the basics of designing, developing and promoting web sites for small businesses, with emphasis on simple, effective and affordable web page design, development and promotion.   We specialize in first-time web pages for sole proprietorships and other small businesses, as well as larger web sites for companies with more extensive needs.  Initial consultations are free of charge.  

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Small Business Web Site Development Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can we best prepare for meeting with a web site developer?  Make notes on what you want included on  your web site and gather any existing company promotional materials and other information relevant to what your company does (product and service information).  This includes copies of company logos, slogans, mission statements, photographs, brochures, price lists, contact informationall of the elements that might be good material to include in the web pages. 

What if we're not sure just exactly what we want our web site to include?  Don't worry to much about it!  If you're not sure what information from your company would be appropriate for a web site, we can help you figure that part out.  Our initial consultation will provide a time to discuss any issues you might have about web page content. 

How much do you charge for consultations?  Initial consultations are of no cost to our prospective customers.  Follow-up consultations to go over work in progress are charged at our standard development prices.  (See our Pricing page for details.)

How much does it cost to develop a web site?  The cost to initially design and develop a web site can vary from less that $1000 for a small and uncomplicated site and upwards of several thousand dollars for more extensive sites.  The more information you want added to the web site, the more pages you want developed, and the extent to which you want the web site promoted all play a part in determining final costs.  The biggest factor is how much developer's time must be spent on the web site. 

Can you provide an estimate of time and costs associated with a given web site?  Yes.  Based on the input we receive from you concerning what you want from the site, we can provide an estimate on hours needed and overall developmental costs for the site.  Conversely, if you have a set budget for web site development, we can provide you with an idea of how much we can do given whatever budget limits  you have. 

What are the recurring costs as compared to one-time costs?  Recurring costs include web site hosting costs (usually on a yearly basis); maintenance costs (if you want periodic updates to your site or if you decide to revise portions of the site); some search engine costs (certain search engines and directories have recurring yearly costs associated with inclusion in their databases); your dial-up or broadband Internet connection costs (for your usual Internet access to check e-mail, surf the web, etc.)

How much does it cost to promote a web site?  Some promotional activities have costs to third parties associated with them.  For instance, if you desire a Yahoo directory listing (highly recommended), there is a yearly cost of $299 for any business/commercial listing.  The Yahoo listing is highly desirable, since it is the largest and most influential directory on the Internet.  Yahoo will generally bring you lots of visitors.  Other listings, like the Inktomi database, (also highly recommended) have a recurring yearly cost of $39 per year.  Many other promotional steps can be taken by the site owners (at no cost other than time spent), and still other promotional steps can be done by AJR Web Site Services based on our hourly fee for such services. 

How long does it take to develop a web site?  Simple web sites can be developed and ready for publishing to the Internet in less than a week.  Other more complex sites may take several weeks to fully develop.  Most web sites keep growing or evolving to  a certain extent, over time, so in many respects there is no real "stopping point" in their growth.  The extent of that growth or evolution is up to the discretion of the business owner.  If you have not yet registered a domain name and must do so, it takes 24 to 28 hours for the domain to be available.  If you have not made arrangements for web hosting, that process can take 24 to 48 hours to set up.  Additionally, domain names (once acquired) have to be "pointed" to the web host, and that, too, takes 24 to 48 hours.  Still, if a basic site had to be done quickly, it's possible to have it up and running inside of a week, even if the domain name and the web host have not yet been acquired, and even if the web site had not yet been built.  It's possible to get the job done that quickly, but lots of factors come into play, such as the complexity of the site, etc. 

Once the web site is built, who owns it?  You, as the customer, own the web site.  By paying to have the site designed and built, it is yours after the process is finished.  If desired, AJR Web Site Services can transfer the original web site files directly to you when we have finished our contracted part of the web site development process.  Even if we "keep" the site for you, and do periodic maintenance work on the site, the site itself is still yours.  

What program do you use to develop web sites?  We currently use only Microsoft FrontPage 2002 for all web site development.  We also use several other programs such as Photoshop and PaintShop Pro to add graphics and photographs to our web sites.  FrontPage itself is a relatively user-friendly program, and is fairly easy to learn for those users who might have some previous experience with Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft Word.  If you choose to have us transfer the completed web site directly to you, you will need to purchase FrontPage to do any work to the files that we give you.  The program represents and approximate $150 investment.  Be warned, though, that as in any software tool, there is a learning curve associated with this product if you have not already received formal training to use the software. 

Do you develop e-commerce web sites?  The web sites that we develop are geared more toward informational material and Internet promotion of that material  than actual e-commerce.  That is, we do not develop sites that a customer can use to make direct product purchases via on-line shopping carts, etc.  Again, we are more oriented toward basic design, development, and promotion. 

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Developing a small business Internet web site can be an affordable and cost-effective solution to keep up with business competitors (or indeed, to leap ahead of them), adding unlimited visibility for you, your products, and your services.  A web site provides a way for you to make your products and services visible to prospective customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you are depending (and spending) too much on hardcopy advertising using tools such as yellow pages and directory ads, mail-outs, fliers or other attention-grabbers, a small business web site may be the answer for youthe answer to more effectively use a portion of your advertising budget.  At AJR Web Site Services, we don't do high-end, complex, expensive web page development.  Instead, we focus on the basics of effective web page design and development, domain name registration, hosting, publishing, promotion, and maintenancejust the things that a small business needs to get the right start on the Internet.  We can take your business through the entire process, doing as little or as much as you need us to do.  Almost anyone can publish a web site to the Internet, but it takes special effort to publish a site that is "findable" by the major search engines and to obtain listings in the major Internet directories When your site attracts those major search engines and gets listed in the major directories, it also attracts the visitors who use those search engines and directories.  By designing web pages that are "search engine friendly," we make it easy for your site to attract the major search engines, which, in turn, attracts the visitorsvisitors who are looking for your products and services.  Our web sites are designed with emphasis on  these concepts.  We incorporate the right design elements into the web pages, then use effective methods to promote the web site.  Our web services also include writing and editing of text, photography services for illustrative visuals, and placement of existing graphics, company logos, or other promotional information within the site material.  Whether you have only a rough idea of what you want, or if you've got a clear concept about the web site you'd like developed, we can help in the web page design and development processdoing as little or as much as you need us to do.  If you need help with an existing small business web site, or if you've got a site that's just not working for you, we can provide consultation services for site improvement.  Services include editing and rewriting of existing text for clearer and more concise presentation and communications, as well as evaluation and recommendations for correct and effective meta data presentation (effective use of hidden titles, descriptions, and keywords) to enhance search engine and directory promotions.  Our physical operations are based with accessibility to the Houston, Galveston, and Clear Lake, Texas, areasbut we can work with businesses in virtually any area of Texas, the United States, and beyond. 

We have the ability to work with small businesses in any part of Texas or the United States, but for work with our local customers, regional areas of service include (but are not limited to):  Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County, Chambers County, Fort Bend County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, Waller County.  A partial listing of cities includes:  Aldine, Alief, Alvin, Angleton, Arcola, Atascocita, Bacliff, Barker, Barrett, The Bay Area, Bayou Vista, Baytown, Beaumont, Bellaire, Port Arthur, Port Bolivar, Champions, Channelview, Clear Lake City, Clear Lake Shores, Cloverleaf, Conroe, Crosby, Crystal Beach, Cypress, Deer Park, Dickinson, El Lago, Ellington Field, Friendswood, Kingwood, Galena Park, Galveston, Gilchrist, Hedwig Village, The Heights, High Island, Highlands, Hitchcock, Hockley, Houston, Huffman, Hufsmith, Humble, Hunters Creek Village, Jacinto City, Jamaica Beach, Jersey Village, Katy, Kemah, Kingwood, Klein, La Marque, La Porte, Lake Houston, Lake Jackson, League City, Manvel, Missouri City, NASA JSC area, Nassau Bay, Needville, North Houston, Park Row, Pasadena, Pearland, Prairie View, Red Bluff, Rice University, Richmond, Rosenberg, San Leon, San Jacinto, Santa Fe, Seabrook, Sealy, South Houston, South Shore Harbour, Southside Place, Spring, Spring Valley, Stafford, Stuebner, Sugar Land, Sylvan Beach, Taylor Lake Village, Texas City, Tiki Island, Tomball, Webster, West University Place, The Woodlands 

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